MEARN in collaboration with QALAM center for Arabic studies in Rabat is implementing NSLI-Y program in Morocco  and offering short-term (6-8 week) summer and long-term (8-11 month) academic year programs in Arabic language learning.

 NSLI-Y programs immerse students in the language and culture of the host country through formal and informal education and daily interaction with host country families and communities.NSLI-Y program is implemented in partnership with iEARN US.

NSLI-Y summer study program (2012) :  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bek_ArRvTlk&feature=share&list=PL25EF67345C42432E

In 2013/2014,MEARN will be  receiving a group of students from US for a summer and long year program.More details about this program can be foud at : www.nsliforyouth.org/